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Anna Margaritova Architecture and Design

*Second nature: agriculture = (nature + humanity)

Third nature: culture = (nature + art, leisure)

(as defined by Lisa Tilder, Beth Blostein, 2010, Design Ecologies)


The purpose of this project is to investigate the dimensions and consequences of the fast life through the issues that the agricultural producers and the fresh food market are facing in the urban environment. What is more, it initiates to examine the possibility of the Fresh Food Market being a medium for strengthening the relationship between diverse communities through the alternately sequence of various mix use proposals as to alter the public’s need to spend more time at the Market.


With the support of the analysis, the goal is to deliver a clear understanding of the role of the markets in historical and contemporary context, re-establish the relationship, value and meaning of the economic, environmental and social frame of the Fresh Food Market, present a clearer relationship with the city by revitalizing public urban spaces in order to transform it into a central meeting point.


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