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Art Museum and Cultural Quarter in Kristiansand


Tags: 3D design / competition / revitalization / culture / Kristiansand / museum / art collection / public space


Graphic representation of a concept for the New Cultural Quarters in Kristiansand





The idea for the proposed regeneration of the old Silo in Kristiansand for the cultural purposes aims to redefine the old spatial relationships with the context and the existing structure itself.


The idea is to use the structure as a stage and as a cultural beacon implementing various design intentions to underline its purpose and function but also its contextual importance by strengthening the new-old relationship.


Part of the strategy is the unification of the structure with the Kilden Opera by dressing with aluminium panels, part of the tower and upper volume on top of the cylinders.

The frontal glass façade it opens up to the magnificent view of the area but most importantly it is an open invitation and revelation of what is hosted inside.


The building importance is manifested through the glazed façade but also reviles the shift in purpose by showing the carved out cylinders which will be used as  units for staging various exhibitions and art installations, thus creating various platform and perspectives for observing and appreciating art and its activities.

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